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What is The Done Dissertation? 

Community and Instruction At Your Fingertips 

The Done Dissertation is a comprehensive website for diverse students to get research and writing support no matter what their economic backgrounds are. I take a different approach from most consultants by offering multiple programs that can fit any graduate student's budget.  

Together we can tackle:

  • Developing research protocols

  • Publishing research articles

  • Finishing theses and dissertations

Why Should You Trust Me?


I know trusting a free website, paying for an online course, or engaging in online coaching is a huge leap of faith, especially since many students are short on time and money. 

Please view my personal website,, and my curriculum vitae so you can see for a fact that I:


  1. Successfully navigated the academic process myself while garnering awards.

  2. Have specialized degrees in developing pedagogies that boost educational outcomes in diverse students, particularly through graduate level research writing.

  3. Attended prestigious universities and can give you input on what it’s like to attend one.

  4. Have an active ongoing research agenda that is demonstrated through recent publications and conference presentations.

  5. Am deeply committed to the academic success of diverse students and I have been for over a decade.

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