• Haeshah Z. Davis

#3 Graduate Student Mistake

Please stop writing like an undergraduate student, as a graduate student or doctoral candidate. This happens a lot, because it’s a learned process in which you have to shift from once you are past that level. You’ve been taught a certain way in high school and then another way in undergrad. Now, it’s time to learn a new way and put forth much more meaningful effort to stay afloat in your graduate studies. You must approach your research with a definitive question that will prevent you from writing like an undergraduate.

Here are few steps to push you in right direction of writing appropriately for graduate studies and beyond:

Be curious. Research and investigate when it comes to writing your literature. You’re no longer writing and researching based on a hypothesis. You are investigating and coming up with a research question to answer. Collect as much data as you can to back up your question.

Refine your research question. It’s okay to come up with a broad question at first, because you’re going to investigate and do as much research as possible to narrow it down. You have to understand it in order to write about and research properly. Once you have narrowed it down, take a look at all of your findings so you can modify it and have clear focus that is achievable.

Avoid being refuted. You don’t want to be that person who is refuted publicly at a conference, in a publication, or in person. Your data must prove it beyond a shadow of a doubt what your ideas are.

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