• Haeshah Z. Davis

Exploring Procrastination and Eliminating it

When you aren’t looking forward to doing something, you typically push it off until the very last minute. You add it to your “to-do” list over and over again, knowing you are going to continue to wait until it’s almost time to turn it in. We do this often and at what point is enough, enough?

Perhaps we should look at alternate topics or select something that we are truly passionate about, so we don’t get the “I’m dreading this” feeling when it comes to deadlines. Our research and writing are optional for the most part, so don’t pick a topic you have little interest in or can’t see yourself committing an adequate amount of time to get your writing assignments complete.

If you are thinking, “Wow! This is so me right now.” Let’s explore ways to eliminate procrastination, because it only brings about unnecessary stress that can be alleviated from the very start of your process.

Break it down. Make a strategic outline, so you have chunks to complete instead of everything at once. This will allow room to check it off piece by piece so it’s less overwhelming. You can also incorporate a checklist, so you can check it off as soon as it’s complete and move on to the next task.

Switch up your work space. Instead of doing your research and writing at your local library. Try going to a local coffee shop or outside with fresh air, at a park. Sometimes our work environment is too cozy or comfortable, so switching it up can be beneficial to completing a daunting task.

Change the crowd you surround yourself with. Are your peeps motivating you? If not, you should change crowds immediately. People who inspire and motivate you, often rub off on you and will help move forward in a positive direction instead of always feeling stuck. You need action takers and winners in your circle, not people who are always putting you down or offering horrible advice.

Get yourself an accountability partner. Yes, you need a buddy to hold you accountable. You never know how helpful this simple step can be until you try it. Your new buddy may have a different weakness than you and you will be able to help each other succeed in more ways than one. Don’t be afraid to seek out an accountability partner, it will help!

Connect with others who’ve achieved the goal you’re trying to achieve. You’re in the right place! This is where Dr. Kenya Mitchell and her services come into play. Sign up for her program, connect with her, and watch her webinars. She’s been in your shoes and designed her programs to help people just like you achieve their goals. For more information, click here.

You are one step closer to completing your degree! Keep going and continue to take action when it comes to achieving your goals. It takes more than planning, strategizing, and hypothesizing. It takes a whole lot of doing! Take action today and eliminate procrastination now!

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