After applying to law schools, I had five admissions team members personally congratulate me on my acceptance and comment on my powerful personal statement. Kenya mentored me throughout the entire process, providing me with advice on test-taking strategies and personal statement writing. Hear me out when I say that Kenya is a writing wizard. Not only does she have an eye for details such as writing style and grammar, but she also worked with me to develop my voice. I am now at Penn State – Dickinson Law on a full ride scholarship, and I could not have done it without Kenya. I think what makes her unique is that she actually cares about you. When you ask for advice, I know that it is not as simple as merely making edits. I still keep in contact with Kenya, and Kenya keeps in contact with me. Even though I am already in law school, I still contact her about cover letters, resume writing, and life advice! 



                   ~Jasmine Sandhu, Pennsilvania State University









I am so thankful that I had Kenya's help with applying to graduate school. She was so incredibly helpful and insightful, and she really assisted me with navigating the path to graduate school. Applying to graduate school can be a confusing and overwhelming process, and Kenya's knowledge and presence was a great resource and a comfort. Her comments and revisions to my essays helped me to better communicate my goals, previous experiences, and interests to graduate schools. After working with Kenya my graduate school applications were so much stronger, and I was fortunate to get into all of the graduate schools I applied to, including top-ranked programs.




                   ~Mariana Henry, Masters of Public Health, Yale, 2018










You know how writing can be an isolating, daunting, and exhausting process? Kenya uses her spark for writing and curiosity for learning to make writing not just bearable, but empowering.


On top of that, Kenya laid out a very clear road map of what my dissertation will look like when completed, chapter by chapter.  Her explanation of the roadmap made everything click for me. Now, as I work on my dissertation I think of the road ahead, put it into context, and keep making progress towards the finish line with confidence. 

Kenya used her insights as a writer and researcher to show me how to re-shape my dissertation into something that is do-able. Because as we all know, "a done dissertation, is a good dissertation." After listening to the details of my dissertation project and answering a long list of burning questions, she helped me accomplish what I resisted doing on my own, including, reshaping my research questions and cutting-down my interview protocol. For this 
gift, I am truly grateful. 


I highly recommend Kenya Mitchell for anyone in professional/graduate school. Whether working on a dissertation, qualifying exam, term paper, or proposal, the earlier you reach out to Kenya the better you will use your time and energy.


  ~ Elizabeth Flores, Doctoral Candidate, University of California, Davis

I moved to Davis in 2012 from Russia and had been dreaming about UC Davis degree since then. I had a Bachelor's degree in Economics in Russian but I had never immersed myself in an English language school.


I had concerns about my English proficiency since I was required to take the GRE exam. When I met Kenya she instilled such a great level of confidence in my language skills and my ability to prepare. Kenya quickly assessed my goals and my areas of opportunities (weaknesses) and helped me strategize accordingly. She pointed out my strengths and helped me work on my weaknesses. I really enjoyed Kenya's laid back style combined with the high level of discipline and confidence she had in her students' achievements. I took GRE exam and got accepted into the Masters of Science program in Community Development at UC Davis for Fall 2018! I am so grateful for Kenya's drive and inspiration she gave me to pursue the graduate degree!"

~Yulia B. Lamoureaux, Master's Candidate, UC Davis

Kenya is magnificent teacher. She is not only a magnificent teacher in the art of English, but also in the art of self-realization. Kenya shines light into the dark places of her client where their inner writer is struggling, and gives them a friend. She provides the right amount of professionalism, guidance, nurturance, and tough love for them to have the courage to become the writer the world intented for them to be. She met me where I was as a writer and pushed me to strengthen my writing muscles by reading books, learning words, grammar, sentence structure, purpose, and tone. Kenya’s style as a teacher worked for me, and if you are an individual looking for the nudge in the darkness, I bet she will be the right fit for you too. Thank you Kenya.

~ Austin Edmonson, Photographer